Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekend Cookin'

Bonjour, friends! Happy Friday! I'm in a fantastic mood today, not only because it's Friday, but because I have lots of fun plans for this weekend, almost all of which involve FOOD!

Tonight I'm having myself a tex-mex kind of night and plan to make a yummy burrito with spicy black beans/quinoa/corn and a gorgeously ripe hass avocado wrapped up in a spinach tortilla and washed down with a delicious mexican coke (I know it has sugar and highly suspicious "natural flavors," but yeah... baby steps). Then I'm going to take advantage of what is likely to be a quiet Friday night at IKEA. Yeah, baby!! I haven't been to IKEA in ages (mostly b/c I always end up buying way too much stuff I don't need when I go), but I DO need some kitchen stuff. A dutch oven, oven-safe frying pan, and a rubber whisk are some of the items on my list. I heart IKEA and totally relish the thought of spending my Friday night there. Is that odd?

Saturday morning I hope to wake up early, drop Lola at daycare and head to the Boggy Creek Farm market and get some gorgeous, seasonal, local and organic produce. I've never been, but many Austin restaurants use their stuff, and I've heard it's got a fantastic selection. I'm pretty unimpressed with the Austin farmer's markets so I have high hopes for Boggy Creek! (I kinda wanna play with their hens, too!)

I plan to cook a LOT this weekend, but I'm not sure of everything I plan to make yet. I am definitely making pad thai b/c I have been craving Asian noodles all week, and there are tons of vegan-friendly recipes. Also a must-cook for the weekend are Alicia Silverstone's peanut butter cups. YUMMY! I've been craving dessert, and I think these will definitely hit the spot. I've heard nothing but rave reviews! I mean, seriously, is there anything better than chocolate + peanut butter + nuts? I think not.

In other food-related news, both the Vegan Brunch (you can get it for around $6 off amazon - merci to City Girl for letting me know!) and Veganomicon are headed my way!! I should be getting Veganomicon today, and I cannot. wait. I've heard it truly is the ultimate vegan cookbook, and I plan to a chunk of this weekend curled up on the couch with it.

So tell me, what're you up to this weekend? Are you cookin' up any yumminess I should know about??


  1. Yum yum yum! I want to hear how the peanut butter cups come out. And you should definitely pet some hens! I have a secret dream of taking a trip to the Farm Sanctuary in NY. I want to pet cows and their cute little goat.

  2. Those peanut butter cups looks amazing! I may have to try them too!

  3. can u believe i have never been to Ikea? i must be some kind of freak?

    and...i am coming to your house to eat tonight! check this blog out....i found it today and there is a sweet potato and black bean burger that i am totally making tomorrow night! yum.

    have a healthy weekend :)

  4. Those peanut butter cups really do look amazing! Thanks for letting us know about them!

  5. This is great!!! So excited for you coming over to the sweet-side!!! I'm going to be posting a little cheat-sheet of menus. I have several folks starting the 21-Day Vegan thing on Monday who are eating as much pork tonight as they can stuff in their mouths. So...I'll be linking your posts in my posts, Sister! And, isn't Alecia's book great? I knew you would like it!!!

  6. dear god those look delicious!! let us know how they turn out! hugs!!