Thursday, April 8, 2010

Falling Off the Wagon/An Experiment

Today was a bit stressful work-wise and after an unsatisfying lunch, I found myself craving a cupcake. In my very professional opinion, the best cupcakery here in Austin is Sugar Mama's Bakeshop, and lucky me, Sugar Mama's makes vegan cupcakes as well. I checked the menu, and today's vegan pick was one I've been wanting to try for ever: Birthday Cake - "A scrumptious vegan strawberry vanilla cake with an almond whipped cream topping."

Also on today's menu? Banana Puddin' - "Moist banana cake filled with banana pastry cream, topped with fresh whipped cream and a miniature vanilla wafer." Ohhhh Banana Puddin'... I've had it once, and it is hands down the BEST cupcake I've ever tasted. So... I bought one. Also bought a Southern Belle (red velvet) for my bestie Jenny and a new cinnamon-ginger vegan cupcake.

(Top: Birthday Cake and Banana Puddin', Bottom: Cinnamon-Ginger and Southern Belle)

During the drive back to the office, I contemplated what to do about the Banana Puddin'. To eat it or not to it... that is the question. I'm pretty sure you know how this story ended. I ate it. For 2 reasons: (1) because I wanted it; and (2) because I wanted to see how my body would respond to the first dairy products it's had in almost 2 months. It was good. Fresh whipped cream? Augh... my absolute favorite. And the banana pastry cream in the middle of the moist delicious banana cake? INSANE. It's been 3 hours, and I feel fine, if not a bit guilty. But before you roast me, let me say this...

As good as the cupcake was, it wasn't worth it. It's not enough, you know? The taste and my instant pleasure is not enough to justify the suffering I know is happening behind the scenes. Plus, I'm optimistic about the vegan ones! Going to try them tonight after dinner. Will report back.


  1. I think even the most hardcore vegans will tell you that there have been times within their vegan life, that they have slipped up, especially in the beginning. I think any honest effort that somebody makes to be vegan or vegetarian is admirable. So, the fact that you ate one non vegan cupcake over the course of 38 completely vegan days is still pretty damn awesome. And I love that you decided your favorite cupcake wasn't worth it! That's huge! Think about it...your favorite cupcake not being worth it - that's an amazing revelation in my opinion.

  2. Oh and the cinnamon ginger vegan cupcake sounds so amazing.

  3. It's a slip, but a slip is okay! So don't beat yourself up. All of them look delish!

  4. No worries! Congrats for getting back on the wagon! Slip-ups happen -- and such a mixture of tasty & curiosity sometimes gets the best of us -- but the important thing is to remember why you were doing it in the first place and get back to it.

    I'm glad it didn't upset your stomach! That is a real concern for some of us (and I don't wish any unpleasantness on you).

    When my husband and I started eating a mostly vegan diet as an experiment (ignored the honey issue at first, but did become FULL vegans shortly after), we gave ourselves a few outs. Not only did we figure it would be temporary, but we planned to eat non-vegan at Thanksgiving and his mom's early Thanksgiving because we hadn't told family and didn't want to spring it on them since we'd JUST started. I ended up eating vegan on Thanksgiving, but for the earlier dinner we both ate nothing vegan (since nothing there was) and felt pretty crappy afterwards -- and we didn't eat so much extra that we could dismiss it as that. Even the half-vegan Thanksgiving my DH ate didn't agree well with him. It didn't make him sick, per se, but he just didn't feel so great, either. We're really quite spoiled now by vegan food :D

    So, we haven't been very tempted to experiment since. Of course, it's always hard to say no to certain things, but over time you learn to just think about other things and plan ahead so you're less tempted.

  5. These cupcakes look incredible. And I think you're doing great.

  6. i miss your witty little blog. are you ever coming back??

  7. Those cupcakes DO look incredible - so light and fluffy!

    And don't you dare feel too guilty or beat yourself up. Everyone makes mistakes and slips up, especially in the beginning. The good thing is you aren't being thoughtless about it, you know it wasn't the best thing, so you'll move on and make different choices. When it gets right down to it that is all any of use can do! :-)

  8. YOU HAVE ME time just send them to me ha!!