Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sometimes THIS SUCKS!

This post is going to be the antithesis of the last post. I am not focusing on how good I feel or how glow-y my skin is. I'm not thinking about how it's been relatively easy to switch to a vegan diet and how I've been introduced to an entirely new world of flavors. No, this post is going to be a petit rant of why it (sometimes) sucks to be vegan.

As some of you know, I'm going to NYC at the end of the month. One of the best things about NYC is the food and luckily, there are plenty of vegan eats around. And I plan to indulge in many of them. However, none of my friends there are vegan, and I don't want to force them to eat at vegan restaurants every night. So a couple of other options were thrown on the table, and one of them is quite possibly the most unvegan restaurant ever. Enter: DBGB.

In the past, this restaurant would've appealed to me. I used to LOVE sausage. I mean, LOVE it (and yes, I know, it's like the most digusting foul meat bits possible, but I still loved it). DBGB apparently specializes in sausage (and some tres UNappealing options like pig's head and tongue). But I figured, there must be something else I can eat. I called the restaurant. Nope. I could eat a salad, and that's about it. And maybe they could put together a simple pasta dish.

Well, guess what? I don't want to eat a pathetic salad or lame pasta dish on one of my NYC nights! I want to be able to order anything off that menu, AND, more importantly, I want to be able to order those fantastic-looking sundaes. Oh man... I die. I die for those desserts. So, I'm angry. Right now, at this very moment, I wish I weren't eating vegan. I wish I could live in the blissful naivete of not knowing how my meat is raised and slaughtered, and I wish I had never read Eating Animals, the book that truly changed it all for moi. I wish I could go to NYC and eat at any restaurant I so desired. I wish I could indulge in brioche french toast and heavenly goat cheese omelettes at brunch. I wish I didn't have to worry about whether the restaurant has nondairy milk for my coffee. Right now, being vegan is a pain in the ass.


  1. Aw, I'm sorry Carolyn. I can totally understand that frustration, and I think it's very brave of you to write about it.

  2. vegan is tough. maybe you could just be vegetarian for your trip to make it a little easier? i promise you tho that if you put one bite of sausage into your mouth, you wouldn't even be able to swallow it! your body and taste buds would totally reject it!

    i am angry to trip to Whole Foods yesterday did NOT produce any Daiya! *humph* get with it WFoods!!!

    you will have a great trip, just do the best you can and don't be so hard on yourself :)


  3. @Carolyn

    Hugs! That is one of the hardest parts of being vegan. We're entertaining guests right now and I have a feeling they want to eat out a lot while they're here. We have some vegan-friendly places, but only a couple I think they'll enjoy and I don't want to wear them out. But hey, compromise goes both ways. If they want to eat with us, they need to make sure there's something we can enjoy eating, too.

    I know it's not perfect, but maybe spend some time away from the friends one night? They can do their thing and you can do yours and maybe just meet up for drinks or something. 'Cause, unfortunately, finding vegan stuff at pasta places is especially difficult I've found.

    It seems, though, that there should be enough places where you all can eat happily, though, so long as no one is stuck on a specific place. If they really don't want to eat vegan food, there are still places that are vegan-friendly. But I hope they'll try some vegan places, too. It's not like it's that strange. People just sometimes think it is because they don't know what to expect. All the people I've brought to vegan places have seemed REALLY pleased. But then we're blessed to have some great places in the area.


    How would being (I assume lacto-ovo) vegetarian be any different than eating meat if she thinks that exploiting animals for food is wrong? I don't see any ethical difference between eating cheese or eating a steak, so I'm a bit confused. I mean, if she wanted to make the trip easier, why not give it up completely? That'd make it much easier, but it's certainly not something I'd recommend.

  4. I know how you feel. This has happened to me more than once on my newly vegan journey.

    A few weeks ago, a group of friends I hadn't seen in some time wanted to go out to a really great Fondue restaurant. My options were fruit and vegetables (even their bread is made with egg). I was super bummed about it and I felt like I couldn't suggest changing the location because it was one of my friends birthdays and that's where she wanted to eat. So, I ate dinner before and went. Munched on fruits and veggies (and lots of wine).

    To be totally honest, the experience was both wonderful and terrible. This is the first restaurant I had been to that virtually had nothing to accommodate me. They had pasta - but it was fresh - so made with eggs. Basically, a totally not vegan experience.

    The terrible things about it - the cheese, bread and chocolate looked AMAZING. And after a few glasses of wine, it was hard for me not to want to pick at the food. So, that was not so fun for me.

    But the wonderful part was NOT eating it. It felt really good to feel like I was following my heart and not my stomach. I left the restaurant feeling really proud of myself and knowing that I did the absolute correct thing by becoming a vegan.

    Plus, if you focus on the conversation more than the food - it isn't so bad.

    And finally, there a bajillion restaurants in NYC that will offer crazy meat dishes + accommodate vegans - any chance your friends would be willing to compromise on this location?

    I think your frustration is definitely valid, by the way. It can be a difficult road.

  5. Do you know about Candle 79 and Four Course Vegan? I would think both would be great for any eater. They are both really fun, high-end dining experiences. 4-Course is only on Saturdays, I think, and more of an "event," but would be fun with a group of people.