Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 2: The Food

I think I'm going to try and blog about each day at the end of the day and have it post in the morning. Sound good? Good. :)

Okay so Day 2... I walked to the ginormous flagship Whole Foods from my office which I'd never done before! It's only about 1 mile away and yet the idea of walking seems absurd here in TX. Hate that mentality and am going to try and walk more while the weather is good.

Anyway, Whole Foods, as always, was a bit hard. The first thing I noticed/smelled/saw at the hot food bar was... King Ranch Casserole. Oh man, do you know what King Ranch Casserole is? It is heavenly. But so. not. vegan. It hurt a little to bypass the casserole and head for the salad bar, but I did it! In the end, I decided on a medley of brown rice, black beans, cilantro and lime tofu (surprisingly REALLY good), squash and steamed kale (oh and some jalapenos to spice it all up!). I thought it was going to be one of those "ugh i can't believe this is what i have to eat now that i'm vegan" meals, but it was... good. And satisfying! And I even tried to really chew my food like Alicia recommends doing in The Kind Diet. I think it made me feel fuller!

I also picked up a Sweet and Sara s'more for dessert, which was AH-MAZING. Dessert always helps. :)

For dinner I did successfully make tah dig as planned, although I must've been a bit too aggressive with the heat because the bottom layer of potatoes burned. Le sad. So it wasn't very pretty, but still delicious! I ate it with a huge side of braised collard greens. Yum!

That's all for today. I'm still going strong! Feeling good!! But still needing/wanting a ridiculous amount of sleep and getting sleepy during the day. Hmph. I wonder if that will ever go away?


  1. This looks really great. And the lunch looks good too. I DO know what King Ranch Casserole is...it's funeral food, right? What you make when someone dies so that their loved ones will have a one-dish calorie explosion...loaded with sour cream, tortilla chips and cheese, with a little bird sprinkled in? It's either that, or poppy seed chicken. Ahhh...to be a container of sour cream in the state of Texas....but you rose above it, Sister! Good for you. The animals love you, and so does your colon! Bravo...march on.

    Wait...did you know most marshmallows are made with gelatin? And gelatin is made with animal…well, I won’t tell you what it’s made with. But, Whole Foods should have vegan marshmallows. Maybe your smors were made with those? Regardless, they look amazing, and just the thing to top off that way-too-healthy veggie plate!

  2. So glad you were able to try the Sweet and Sara S'more! I'm so glad that these are fairly hard for me to get or else these 21 days would result in 21 pounds! And I am soooooo jealous that you are near the Whole Foods flagship store. Do they have a pizza counter? I ask because at my Whole Foods last night I noticed a yummy looking vegan pizza covered in veggies that you might want to try.

    The Vegan Yum Yum cookbook has a recipe for lime tofu that I am thinking I need to try!

  3. These look awesome - I find that meals like that are a lot more satisfying than I remember them being when I ate meat and fish every day.

    I need to find a way to make tah dig to fit my health needs. It looks so good.