Thursday, March 11, 2010

Days 11-12

Food is so good, is it not? I can't even remember the last time I've eaten so good! And so much yummy homemade food. YAY! I'm super excited that Spring is near because I love love love Spring and Summer veggies. Last night I attempted to create a spring-friendly menu: bruschetta and roasted asparagus. (Actually I guess tomatoes are summer fruits, huh?) Unfortunately... both aren't quite yet in season, and I should've known that. While my dinner was good, I could tell the veggies were not at their prime. Still, it looked pretty, didn't it?

On a more exciting note, there's a new eatery opening at my apartments (it's a retail below, apartments above style) called Snap Kitchen, and I signed up for their listserve. Last week they offered a 70% discount for us to try some of their new eats, and I ordered the risotto (VEGAN), tabbouleh and babaganoush, and whole wheat pita chips. I love their menu because they make it very clear which dishes are gluten-free, nondairy, vegetarian, etc.

I had the risotto for lunch, and it was yummy! Chock full of veggies and very pretty. It wasn't exactly creamy... in fact, I'd call it more of a rice dish than a risotto, but it was still yummy. I haven't tried the babaganoush and tabbouleh, but the pita chips are fantastic. They're a little spicy and dusted with hot paprika... how come my pita chips never turn out that way?

Tonight I made baked mexican rice, loosely based on this recipe, homemade guacamole, and black beans sauteed with salsa and ground cumin. Wrapped all this goodness up in a tortilla and had myself a delectable mexican feast! (Sorry for the crap photos... I am so not a good photographer.)

The mexican rice was really, really good. I added lots more jalapenos than the recipe called for, but it still wasn't enough. I like it spicy! Anyway, it reminded me of jambalaya... don't you think it looks like jambalaya??

Like I said, food is good.


  1. SO glad you have a vegan-friendly spot in your apartment complex. That is wonderful!! And all your at home eats look awesome too :)

  2. PS I have been looking for a good mexican rice recipe with brown rice so am totally going to try the one you used.

  3. the rice looks delicious! and how crazy...i just planned my meal for tonight bc the beau is out of town and i wanted something simple...i planned asparagus with fresh tomato flatbread. hope mine is a good as yours looks! have a happy weekend!!

  4. I thought of a really great book for you, it's called Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World. I make the Chai, vanilla and chocolate recipes over and over again. Big hit with all types of diets at my office! (except gluten-free, but you can't be all things to all people!)