Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Days 8 -9

This week didn't start well, but my food is definitely going well. I haven't had any temptations since being home, and I even whipped up another batch of steel cut oats for breakfast. And last night? I made blueberry sour cream muffins using this recipe. I used Ener-G Egg Replacer and Toffuti Sour Supreme, and they turned out fantastic! Beautiful, moist and delicious.

So... it's kind of weird, but I feel like I'm not eating very healthy. Which is nuts because I'm definitely eating healthier than I have in a long time. But still, because I've been trying to to adjust to this new diet, I've made sure to have oodles of treats so I didn't feel deprived. S'mores, oatmeal cookie ice cream sammies, fried tater tots... And yet my body is craving more of the good stuff, so I think cutting down on the treats will naturally occur as I continue this journey. Wow I never thought I'd say that.

Also? I think I need to start working out again...


  1. YAY!

    And LOL! That's so what I was thinking earlier! I was looking in my cabinet and fridge and thinking, "Ick! Too many treats! I need more REAL food!" And it's not like it's all crap, either. I just am craving less sweet stuff lately. Never thought I'd think that, either! OMG I used to have chocolate cravings! I still have plenty of great vegan chocolate -- a lot of it the stuff I used to eat because I like dark, dark chocolate -- but I just don't have those cravings so much anymore.

    Oh, and I was so proud of myself today! I walked around the mall today with family and then came home and, after a short break, went for another walk around the neighborhood. And yesterday I used my treadmill while watching stuff on my laptop. I definitely get the urge to move more now. It's fantastic!

    I guess it's no wonder that I've FINALLY started to lose weight again, but it's not like I'm trying (not that I'm not not trying). Slow and steady, but it's coming off :D

  2. yay yay yay!!! it really isn't as hard as people think and you are right, it is amazing how your body (and mind) can feel when you put the right food into it. yay for you!

  3. These look fantastic!

    I too have found myself craving more healthy stuff - I go through kale and spinach and chard like crazy.

  4. I'm not eating healthy either - too many vegan treats. I was thinking the exact same thing last night!

  5. ooh yummy!!! And I totally agree- I find that if I don't eat crappy fried food for a while, my body stops craving it (ok not stops- but atleast the craving reduces)