Monday, March 29, 2010

Massage Your Kale

By now we've all heard how healthy kale is and how we should all be getting more dark leafy greens into our diet. I confess, I haven't been very good at this until now. Unless I was making my cannellini & kale ragout, I wasn't eating much kale. I've tried kale chips, and um, FAIL. I don't prefer my greens baked and crispy.

Luckily, my dear friend and fellow foodie blogger City Girl pointed me towards Choosing Raw and this fabulous Massaged Kale Salad. At first, admittedly I was skeptical. How can raw kale taste that good? But oh... it can.

Now I've modified Gena's version a bit, to make it more palatable to my tongue (and my need for fat). I've been eating this salad nonstop! Soon I'll be one of those crazy health nuts who eats 1 lb of greens per day. ;)

Massaged Kale Salad

- 1 bunch of organic kale
- 1 small avocado
- half lemon
- kosher or sea
- good olive oil

Cut kale into strips and place in large bowl. While "massaging" kale, add olive oil. Massage. Then take avocado and crumble into salad and continue massaging kale. (The avocado will start to coat the kale and make it extra yummy.) Massage some more. Squeeze lemon over salad and sprinkle salt. Massage even more. The kale will noticeably "wilt" as you massage. This is good! It becomes softer and tastier the more you massage. You can either let it sit for awhile or eat immediately. Will keep in fridge for a day or two.

Now, until I can figure out more ways to get in my greens, I'll be eating this salad nonstop.

How do you get in your greens?


  1. Yay! So glad you like it. It's such a great way to get lots of greens in :) I think I may be turning into that health nut you mention btw - lately I have been eating more than my half pound of greens - pretty soon it's going to be a pound on some days LOL.

    My other big way of getting greens lately has been buying chard with huge leaves and using those leaves as veggie wraps. It works well :)

  2. wow, this sounds good, and hey, i'm pretty good at massaging now so it's a win-win!! ;) hugs!!

  3. yay! - I have kale AND avocado AND lemon today- so will try this salad.
    I get my raw greens on and off via green smoothies. I get 'cooked greens' by incorporating them in dals or pureeing them and adding them to 'curries'. So cooked greens are less of an issue for me- I need to find more ways of getting the raw greens in..:)

  4. This is SO GOOD! I was skeptical as well, but thanks!

  5. i just now tried this (finally!) and it was fantastic! hugs!!

  6. Oh boy! I need to try this!! Since going Vegan a little over a year ago, the past couple months I have been trying to get a bit healthier. (more plant based) Its hard for me to eat Kale, but with my much loved Vita Mix, I have the best green smoothies EVER. I can throw a handful of Kale and a handful of Spinach in my smoothie and not even taste it! I will try this out though! :D THANKS!