Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 21: Le Cupcake

To celebrate the fact that today is DAY 21 of the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart, I decided to make cupcakes! I, like most of the female population, adore cupcakes. I used to make them all the time in law school during finals to cheer up my uber-stressed friends. I rarely made them from scratch, though, that must be said. So I was more than a bit nervous to attempt vegan cupcakes that would, of course, be made from scratch.

Luckily, I received Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World as a gift ages ago, and after a little searching, I found this darling petit livre on my bookshelves and dusted it off. I wanted to start with a basic cupcake so I decided on vanilla with lemon cream cheese frosting. I am not a huge frosting fan (unlike most of the female population), but cream cheese frosting I love. It's not so sugary sweet as it has the delightfully thick and tangy quality of, well, cream cheese!

The process was fairly simple, and there were only a couple of ingredients I was missing (mostly because I rarely back from scratch). Voila the finished product!

Now, for my very honest review of the finished product...

The Frosting: Delicious! I used Tofutti's Better Than Cream Cheese and, to be honest, I was not optimistic. I tasted a tiny bit before whipping up the frosting, and I doubt I'd ever spread it on a bagel. But the frosting? Divine! Blended with powdered sugar, a splash of vanilla extract, and lots of grated lemon zest, this frosting definitely tastes as decadent as regular cream cheese frosting.

The Cake: Admittedly, I didn't love the cake. Don't get me wrong, it's good. It's just not my ideal. I liked that it's moist and light and fluffy. What I didn't like was the flavor. The recipe suggested I use almond extract in addition to vanilla, so I did. And I can tell. And I don't really like it. It just... doesn't work for moi, especially not in a basic vanilla cupcake. So next time, I'm just going to stick to the vanilla extract.

Overall: Yummy! I'm going to bring my friend Jenny one later tonight and the rest to work tomorrow. I've already had 2 today, and well, I think that's quite enough. :P

Gotta dash, but I'm planning to record a vlog just for vegan tomato, discussing my experience with vegan eating and cooking, and letting y'all know where I'm going from here. Stay tuned!!


  1. Sounds yummy!

    My husband uses the Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese in his "cream cheese" frosting for his carrot cake. Delicious!

    We also do use it on bagels but we add stuff like garlic powder, onion flakes, and some nutritional yeast. Sometimes I add fresh herbs, too. By itself the Tofutti is a bit plain, but it's excellent with a few additions like that. Now that I think about it, though, I guess I never really liked plain cream cheese, either. I always got flavored.

  2. i just bought the book off amazon. sounds great!

  3. I'm sooo happy you tried their recipe. I make the vanilla cupcakes sans the extra extract aussi and they are delish. Another super simple icing is confectioners sugar+ enough fresh lemon juice to make a glaze, drizzle, then fire away!
    Try the Chai cupcakes too, when you have the chance,YUMMY!

  4. ooh yum- I am not a huge fan of cupcakes mostly because of the frosting which I have to eat through to get to the cake (which I love usually). But I do LOVE cream cheese frosting - this sounds delish!!